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About Remcam

Remcam has been around since 1986. Initially founded to produce high resolution remote imaging and image processing (multiple 80286s anyone?) for Military Special Forces use. In 1992 we migrated to industrial manufacturing with our automated Press Brake Backstop CNC modules. From there it was a short jump to SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) industrial control software and modules.

We became global system integrators for Intellution FIX, Intec Paragon and Opto 22. We have SCADA control code and Neuro-Fuzzy control code running at a number of manufacturing plants worldwide.

Realizing that our clients really appreciated good looking and above all, readable reports, we migrated to Portals on OS/2 and Microsoft NT. From Portals we migrated to Search, first becoming integrators for FAST ESP (Norway, now Microsoft) and then for Microsoft FAST 2010, SharePoint Search 2010/3, SOLR and ElasticSearch.

Jump to 2013, and we are producing Search Pipeline Extensions for the major search engines (FAST, SharePoint, ElasticSearch, SOLR) to enhance Corporate Search. Using statistical NLP (Natural Language Processing), our software extracts underlying topics and hidden clusters from corporate documents and records (CRM, DRM). This allows search engines to return documents which do not have to contain the initial search terms, as they share clusters with other documents that do. As our modules run on NVidia CUDA high performance GPU (graphic processing units), results are obtained in near real time.

Our systems have assisted clients in retaining domain knowledge and to discover documents they did not realize they had not destroyed. In some cases, this has greatly enhanced document retention policy execution.

We are SharePoint, SOLR and ElasticSearch experts (not to put too fine a point on it), and we have done a myriad installations dating back to 2002, to the first version of SharePoint. We have the industry experience to scope your search farm and to bring it from design to commission with nary a blip. We are known for bringing projects to fruition under budget and well before deadlines.

And we're not just saying that.


These are our main foci

Portals for Search

We specialize in portals for Enterprise Search, be they SharePoint 2010/3/6, SOLR-based or ElasticSearch based. We are leaders in writing ultra-responsive caching BCS (Business Connectivity Service - SharePoint) connectors to ingest data from any data source into SharePoint. Some of the BCS connectors we've written include iManage (Autonomy), Oracle URM/CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 (all CRM entities), databases of all sorts and even CICS. We produce BCS connectors that dynamically update SharePoint, SOLR and ES production search schema during a crawl - a first anywhere. Our BCS connectors utilize NLP and statistical models to discover new topics in new documents and records, which are added to the search schema in real time.

Natural Language Processing & Image Processing

We work on Linux as well as Windows, and have used Linux applications with great success to enhance Windows applications such as SharePoint. We have been using Docker and its precursors for some time and have developed very well-performing message queues for communications from Windows to Linux or Docker. Our statistical models for SharePoint, SOLR and Elastic Search run on Linux for isolation, reliability and the ability to use commercial NVidia CUDA cards. Of course, if you are running a Windows-only environment, they can run on the Windows Server platforms as well. Our Windows software require industrial NVidia cards, such as the K10-K80.


Having been involved in .NET from the Alpha release, we are well-versed in .NET technology. Additionally, we have developed applications in Mono and are now working on the .NET Open CLR platform for clients. We have extensive database experience (SQL Server, Neo4j, MonitorDB, Raven, Mongo) and have implemented very innovative applications using those databases and .NET languages (C#, F#, C++).
Our multi-threaded Document and Record Migration applications have been responsible for fast migrations to and from SharePoint, where commercial packages have failed. In some cases quite spectacularly.

Our Partners

Dreamreport is one of our featured partners. Dreamreport partnered with Remcam to enable seamless integration of their Dreamreport SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Reports application with SharePoint 2013/16 Search and Document Libraries. The Sharepoint application modules are available from Remcam (steph@remcam.net, 312 281 8982).

SharePoint If your company is using SharePoint, then you already know that document management and retrieval is a critical component of a well-oiled enterprise.  When using a powerful document generator like Dream Report, you’ll want to make sure your automatic and manually created reports are managed consistently, along with your other corporate information.

While Dream Report could always be used with Microsoft SharePoint for basic document management, the Dream Report Document Management Extension adds a new level of indexing and document retrieval.  With the Extension installed, you’ll be able to index documents based on key parameters that you identify.

Basic document management is the ability to store and retrieve files.  These files are indexed by file name and date/time attributes.  Storing and retrieving Dream Report documents such as PDF files, Excel files and CSV files is what SharePoint does very well.  Dream Report will deliver documents to your folder of choice, either using your local Windows file system (with required authentications), or to remote locations through the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Dream Report Document Transfer to:

  • Windows Directories with Authentication
  • FTP File Transfers with Authentication
  • Place documents into select SharePoint Document Libraries

Dream Report Document Management Extension for Microsoft SharePoint

The Document Management Extension delivers the new ability to select variables from with-in Dream Report documents, and purposely flag them for SharePoint search engine indexing.  The Document Management Extension will monitor document directories and wait for new deliveries.  Upon delivery, the Extension will index the parameters list, storing the results in the SharePoint Search Engine index.  Users will then use the SharePoint Search Engine to analyze a query and return the Dream Reports of interest.

DR SharePoint 1
Typical queries that users will benefit from:

  • Operator Names
  • Equipment Designations
  • Product Serial Numbers
  • Pass / Fail Designations
  • Variable Results > = <
  • Date / Time
  • More – defined by the user

If Dream Report documents are removed from the directory, the Document Management Extension will also remove those documents from the SharePoint Search Engine.


Installation, Maintenance and Support

The Dream Report Document Management Extension for SharePoint is developed and supported by Ocean Data System’s partner, REMCAM LLC, experts in search engines and Microsoft SharePoint customization and support.

The Document Management Extension is delivered as a REMCAM service.  They will assist your SharePoint administrator in the installation and support of the extension.  Once installed, the Document Management Extension will run automatically and will not require administrative support.  For more information, contact USA 312-281-8982 or www.REMCAM.net.


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