If Your Enterprise Document And Record Search Is Mired In Darkness, It Is Time To Head Over To The Experts.

We Are Acknowledged Search Gurus, And We Operate On The Forefront Of Search Technology.

Our Natural Language Processing Models Are Incorporated Into A Number Of Large Enterprise Search Applications.

Our Arsenal Includes Elasticsearch, SOLR, Lucidworks Fusion, Coveo, Sharepoint, Even Legacy FAST.

We Have Built And Fine-Tuned Models Based On Google's BERT And BERT-Derived Models For Dynamic Query Rewriting And Document Augmentation.

Our REST And Microservices Architecture Is Deployed On Docker, Kubernetes And Virtual Machines.

We Utilize Tensorflow And PyTorch For Rapid Modelling And Deployment. Other Tools Are Deployed As Required.

We Utilize The ELK Stack And Prometheus To Monitor Our Search Engines And Respond To Potential Issues In Real Time.

If You Need A WORKING Enterprise Search Engine AND Peace Of Mind, Give Us A Call.

Our arsenal

We have a veritable arsenal of search engine tools in which we are acknowledged experts.

Our Search Engines include Elasticsearch, SOLR, Lucidworks Fusion, Coveo, Sharepoint, and a number of others.

Natural Language Processing tools include Tensorflow, PyTorch, SciKit, MXNet and many others. Our prototyping language is predominantly Python, and our preferred implementation methods are REST and Microservices. We

We are Apache Committers to the Apache Connectors project, and we provide commercial support for Apache ManifoldCF, the best open source document and record ingestor platform.

Enterprise Search

Natural Language Processing

data cleansing


24/7 support

Our Method

We aim to solve the crisis of findability. Intellectual property workers spend 20% of their work day searching for documents and records.

  • Interview your stakeholders
  • Interview repository managers
  • Interrogate your data sources
  • Ingest your documents into our framework
  • Provide an ingestion framework
  • Provide a query framework
  • Implement search engine
  • Example queries from logs
  • A/B testing, tuning
  • Delivery

Our Features

Very Customisable

Our NLP services are deployed as REST and microservices. We use Docker and VMs extensively.


We use the ELK stack and Prometheus to monitor your search application. In the case of a failure, we use Kubernetes or the manager of your choice to spin up new instances.

Support Level Agreements

We engage in SLAs with most of our clients. We are just a telephone call away.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us. We can help!

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